Besides product buying guides/reviews, Chris also writes informative articles, how-to articles and RV camping guide in his own interesting viewpoint. The best small truck popup camper is the 2020 Northstar 600SS which fits both small and long truck beds. The Truck camper is fastened to the truck frame during transport and slides out onto its own legs at the camp site. The Yoho is designed for mid-size trucks like the Ford Ranger, and combines light weight with a compact size and incredible versatility. scout yoho truck camper. This weight is achieved by a small profile, with the overcab thickness measuring just a little over 10 inches in the down position, coupled with the weight-conserving aluminum construction. Lance Truck Campers; NuCamp Cirrus; Adventurer Truck Campers; Livin’ Lite Camplite You can choose among a wide range of floor layouts, so there is a model for every need and requirement. Since its introduction in 2015, it has enjoyed excellent reviews from the owners. The Go Fast Camper (GFC) Platform was one of the first on the market in 2017. Arctic Fox 865. More convenient and cost-effective than a large motorhome, the pickup camper is quickly becoming a preferred alternative in camping circles. is the premier online resource for those who love RVing, travel and road tripping. Thanks to the special construction method at Hallmark, the Milner 6.5 weighs 1,212 pounds, making it one of the lightest models in its class. Site design by Swoon & Co. Creative, *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. When down, the cab-over section of the camper comes in at a little over 10 inches in height, but once popped up, you’ll enjoy nearly 7 feet of headroom. The Arctic Fox 865 is manufactured by Northwood, a reputed brand name in truck campers. Constructed of a composite fiberglass with a balsa wood core and a one-piece molded fiberglass composite roof, the Hallmark Ute is built to last. Still, the truck could accommodate a small camper, which offered plenty of comfort and amenities. 3 Camper Hawk – Four Wheeler. This is one Ranger camper that doesn’t require too many compromises, for sure. It combines a truck topper shell and a rooftop tent. It’s the only model in this pop up truck campers review with canvas sides, but don’t make the silly mistake of underestimating this tremendously engineered camper. Easily, one of the 10 best campers for the Ford F-150 pickup truck. For starters, the Yoho is the lightest hardwall camper in the business, weighing in at just 913 pounds dry. The Granby Truck Camper is a well loved lightweight pop up truck camper, weighing a good 1,200 lbs. In addition, you would be pleasantly surprised to find out that the over cab vault offers a pull-out queen size bed. Here are some of the best light weight fifth wheels that can be towed by Nissan Frontier: Eveland’s Scamp 19 The best camper vans ... Engine options include a 4.0-liter V6 rated at 261 horsepower and a 375hp, 5.6-liter V8 shared with the Titan pickup truck. Suitable for family camping, the unit boasts a 15-gallon fresh water tank, a 5-gallon propane tank, big Hehr windows and a full-size door. It enables you to complete setup within a matter of minutes. It is not easy to figure out which is the best truck tent for you, but this Guide Gear truck camper might just be the thing you are looking for. We participate in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates program. Given its small footprint and reduced dimensions, this compact and lightweight pop up truck camper will enable good fuel economy and handling no matter the terrain or conditions. A pickup truck and a pop-top unit makes an optimal combination of size, power, fuel efficiency and handling on rough roads. When a model has stood the test of time, or 50 years to be exact, you know it would be your best bet if quality is your priority. The Caribou Lite 6.5 sells for only $16,720, one of the lowest priced slide-in campers in this list. Its robust and durable molded fiberglass frame provides a resilient exterior to weather any kind of outdoor conditions. Let’s get started. The Northwood Arctic Fox, for short and bed trucks, is built with the practicality of the camper in mind. When folded, the tent structure folds down to six inches. Despite being compact, this unit can still comfortably sleep up to three adults with the convertible couch/bed combo. The highlight features include a generous 60×80 east-west facing bed, a 30-gallon freshwater tank, fully molded integrated work surfaces, a three-way refrigerator, a 5-gallon gas tank, suitable for longer vacations. RV Talk may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links (at no extra cost to you). All in all, this camper is a true classic and you can expect that it will continue to be loved for a long time. Such lightness is achieved with an aluminum framing. Hardik Patel - September 5, 2020. The weight of the unit is 1,610 lbs thanks to a wholly aluminum construction, not the lightest but should make for agreeable levels of fuel economy and ease of handling. Fortunately, we’ve done most of the research for you. Lightest Truck Camper The most lightweight popup truck campers are manufactured by Four Wheel Campers and Budutec. These travel trailers can be pulled by standard sedan or SUV as well. The camper is made from durable aluminum and will last you many trips on the roads. Some travel trailer campers weigh too much for a midsize SUV to handle. However, the Scout Yoho is ideal for mid-size trucks, including Chevy Colorado. See more ideas about truck camper, camper, truck camping. “While many SUVs can handle moderate towing work, pickup trucks are the best vehicles for pulling truly heavy loads. Our favorite is the Project M because it weighs under 500 pounds. The truth is, some fifth wheel campers can indeed be towed by a half-ton pickup truck, but they aren’t always easy to find. Despite its relatively small price tag of only USD 16,720, this camper has plenty to offer the camping enthusiasts. Phoenix Mini-Max Almost every component comes out of its Montana location. Top 10 Pop Up Truck Campers For Off-Roading in 2021, Best Reclining Camping Chairs With Footrest, Best Portable Satellite Dishes For Your RV, Best Fifth Wheel Hitches For Short Bed Trucks, Best Wheel Bearing Grease For Travel Trailers, Best Covers For RV, Travel Trailer, Camper, Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Lbs, 10 Ultra-Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 2,000 Lbs. The lightweight and compact Grandby Truck Camper. This Outfitter Caribou model is among the most compact and budget-friendly pop up truck camper. Before you even think of asking a truck camper manufacturer or dealer, “Who makes the best truck camper”, make the right “best camper” question – for you. Designed for perfect fitting on any half ton truck, this super comfy and well equipped camper is priced at $18,999 and packs a real punch when it comes to comfortable camping. The one-piece unit requires little to no maintenance other than cleaning. Not only being well equipped and constructed, this unit is also pleasing to look at, with attractive and homely interior, plus two large windows offering ample natural light and unrivaled views. Pop up truck campers have been gaining popularity among campers thanks to their many benefits. Constructed from fiberglass molds, the company’s campers have just one seam where the top shell is placed over the bottom shell and joined with plywood, metal and vinyl. The list of optional features for this Hallmark pop up truck camper is extensive, from adding storage space to customizing the interior woodwork. Strength and durability are not a problem with this budget camper. Travel trailer are best suited for cars but can also be towed by trucks. Being one of the best pop up truck campers for long trips, it holds a 5-gallon propane tank for ample gas supply, a larger than standard 30-gallon freshwater tank, and also a larger than standard 3.6-cubic feet refrigerator. Lance Campers are a truck camper manufacturer located in Lancaster, California. If fuel efficiency and easy handling are your priorities, then this seriously light pop up slide in camper from Swift at a mere 935 lbs should be your top choice. 14 Best Truck Campers 1. What more can you ask for from a pop up truck camper, if you are quite new to the world of camping? See more ideas about truck camper, camper, truck camper magazine. Thanks to a strong composite housing, you can even safely walk on the roof. It weighs 914 pounds, and its best designed for Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 though it can still fit in any Chevy Models. In terms of setup time, it can compete with the best of them. These features are hard to find in this class of pop up campers for trucks. This model will not stand out from its predecessor, however it offers a respectable balance between weight, durability, functional design, amenities and sleeping space. These go-anywhere truck campers … On the other hand, a hard-side pop-up truck camper is the best compromise between a hard side and a pop-up truck camper. In this post, we are going to take a look at the Top 10 Best Truck Campers for 2020. Despite such rigidity, this unit only weighs 850 pounds, making it one of the lightest campers in this price range. It can sleep 3 to 4 adults with relative comfort, featuring an approximately queen sized bed and a roll over couch. Hallmark Ute 8.5. The unit is aero-dynamic, and it looks aesthetically pleasing overall, with a gray coloured exterior, a change from the standard white offered by every manufacturer. By. A 9 foot floor space can perfectly fit a small family, which explains the sleeping capacity of … 6 Conclusion. Here are the 5 best small truck campers in the market. Chris’s blog is one of the most reliable information sources for RV campers no matter if you're an expert or a determined beginner. – they offer campers for both short and long bed trucks. If you like to cook on your trips, then the extensive countertops and ample storage space will be notably convenient features for you. Tweet on Twitter. With prices starting at $18,995 for the base model, coupled with its durable aluminum construction and basic amenities, it’s a great option for solo travelers, couples or small families looking to spend the weekend or short trips out in nature. It is a very spacious truck camper that has a kitchen area and dinette but lacks a bathroom. There is ample storage ideal for longer vacations with the family. Scout is a company based in Washington DC, so far, they produce two types of the truck camper. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. One of the company’s best selling campers is Arctic Fox 811 that delivers quality and comfort. Lance 650 Lance is an extremely well-known truck camper maker – they may be one of the most known manufacturers in the industry to date. If you go camping alone and not too often, just to escape life and take a breather for the weekend, then this basic, easy to use camper could be all you need: sleeping on a comfy bed up high with a durable roof over your head, instead of sleeping on the ground. The hottest trend in the car-camping and overland world right now is the lightweight pop-top truck camper. Comes with a LIFETIME structural warranty, the best warranty in the entire industry. The Hawk sports a cozy wooden interior, a queen size bed with a well equipped, high quality kitchen, plus adequate fresh water tank. Rugged body-on-frame construction gives pickups the strength to transport boats, trailers and campers without breaking a sweat. 1 Arctic Fox 865. Therefore let’s take a step back and take a close look at this basic camping unit. The Ford F-150, Chevy Sierra 1500, or GMC Sierra will be your best choice since they can tow over 13,000 pounds. To let you enjoy camping worry-free, we have handpicked the very best pop up slide in campers currently available based on important criteria and reviews from seasoned campers. KZ RV didn’t get that memo. With a price tag of just under 27,000 dollars, the Milner 6.5 is not the cheapest pop up truck camper on the market but is well worth this price. He puts all that RV knowledge and experience to good use in his sharing posts. Both sites gave the Lance 650 high praise for its spacious and luxurious interior and its affordable price tag of about $22,500. The Alaskan 6.5 features a robust, unique and user friendly patented pop up design that is operated by hydraulics. The good news is that today's pickup trucks are more fuel-efficient, ... Read moreGuide to Choosing The best 1/2 ton Pickup Truck for towing A travel trailer It will fit almost any smaller pickup truck like the Tacoma, Canyon, Colorado, Ranger and Frontier. These days, there’s obviously way more options when it comes to trucks and fortunately, campers too. With a base price of $19,500, the Grandby is not very cheap, however it is built to last you a long time on the road with proper use and maintenance. He owns an RV Accessories shop in New York City so he has the knowledge necessary to provide thorough reviews and give advice on how to choose the right products for RV travel. How Much Propane Does An RV Refrigerator Use? If you are looking for a tried and tested pop up truck camper for long vacations then look no further, grab this Alaskan 6.5 Cabover for an incredible price of $29,039. Many prefer a small truck, like a Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Nissan Frontier or similar models from other manufacturers. They are the lightest pop-up truck campers in this category and the strongest. Another highlight feature of the Caribou is excellent insulation in every corner of this lightweight pop up camper. The10 Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers You Can Buy Right Now! In broad strokes, it offers everything you would need for an enjoyable and comfortable camping experience. A big reassurance when buying this modern classic Alaskan camper when you know nothing about pop up truck campers is the fact that the manufacturer has been around since 1953. A notable feature of the Bundutec Wild is a full bath with an enormous water holding tank. ), Questions and answers about truck campers, The Best Truck Camper Accessories For Life On The Road, Why pop-up truck campers rock (and the best ones to buy), Truck camper is pro-cyclist’s perfect vacation home. This price point is truly perfect for its functionality. For a base price of 18,600 dollars, this Bundutec Wild unit truly offers amazing value for money. The KZ Sportster 280TH is a ½ ton towable 5th wheel toy hauler designed for half-ton pickup trucks. We won't send you spam. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Why compromise this treat after a long day trekking? The benefits of this camper for truck stops at this point. There is certainly something for every wallet and every camper in this list, including pop up truck campers with bathrooms. Project M comes in 4 different sizes so it can fit a small truck, mid-size, full … There are even truck bed campers for flat-bed pickup trucks. 236. views. Pickup Trucks like frontier are mostly used for towing fifth wheel or for pop up truck campers. Read more. Prices start at around $19,000, not too bad for its quality. 1) Lance 1172 Truck Camper – From $63,626. If you travel with your family, this pop up camper will offer great value for money and comfort. Please read our. Table of Contents. Thanks to the off-road capabilities of a truck, you will be able to go further and venture to remote locations, far from the popular campgrounds. Unsubscribe at any time. The 12 Best RV Wash Brushes To Buy In 2021, Wax  impregnated and fire retardant cotton/poly canvas, Built in mattress on lift assisted, insulated sleeping platform, All season tent with no-see-um mesh windows and privacy panels, High gloss, UV protected, white exterior fiberglass walls, Full size cabover bed, pulls out to queen, Exterior Material: Aluminum (Fiberglass Siding Available), Extended cabover queen size bed with mattress, Roof/Wall Framing: Aluminum (Fiberglass Siding Available), Fresh Water Capacity: 20 Gallons (26 Gallons with Hot Water Heater Option), Molded fiberglass composite exterior frame, One-piece molded fiberglass composite roof. Affordable, lightweight, strong, well insulated with a comfortable sleeping quarter. Stepping inside the Alaskan 6.5 Cabover, you will be greeted with cozy and classy maple cabinets, wood-lined ceiling and a sumptuous leather dinette that will satisfy even the most demanding campers. 12 Best Small Campers With Bathrooms & Showers, Top 8 Best RVs for Full Time Living and Travel, Best Pop Up Truck Campers: Budget friendly, Best Pop-Up Truck Campers: Value for Money, Best Pop-Up Truck Campers: Tried and True, Best Portable 12V Air Compressors: Tire Inflator Pumps For RVs. You won’t need to upgrade to or buy an additional hard-top camper or an RV but can utilize your existing pickup truck: all you need to get is the pop-up unit to secure on the bed of your vehicle. The hard walls give you nearly the same weather insulation and sound isolation qualities of a hard wall design, but fold down and … Nov 26, 2019 - Explore Truck Camper Magazine's board "Half Ton Truck Campers", followed by 29894 people on Pinterest. The best truck camper of the year is without a doubt the Lance 650 according to both Crow Survival and Rainy Adventures. Remember, you’re only spending less than USD 10,000 for some comfort on a weekend trip. 4 Cirrus 920 Truck Camper. – they offer both cabover and non-cabover trucks. Share on Facebook. Built for extreme temperatures and adventurous RVers, the 10-2 EXCD SE packs a spacious 10-foot, 11-inch floor length into a 3,265-pound (dry) nonslide camper for longbed trucks. With a GVWR, you want a truck with a heavy-duty tow package. 2) Explore Backpack Truck Bed Camper SS-1500 by Palomino – From $12,595. Even with a base model, this Northstar pop up truck camper boasts a queen size bed, with more under storage than you would need for a whole family. Remember the old saying that you get what you pay for, and if you’re after the very best popup truck campers that will last you a good many years, feel free to skip this basic camping unit and jump to the later sections in this list. Chris Coleman is an interesting travel blogger and outdoor photographer with a great sense of humor. The Raven Four Wheel Camper is lightweight at 1,040 lbs, which can be partially attributed to its low profile design. If you do not have the budget for a full-on RV or even a camper van, but would like to upgrade from camping in a tent, then pop up truck campers will be an ideal choice. A truck bed camper maximizes available space and can provide a bathroom, a small kitchen, and a bed. 2 Northern Lite 8-11. Ready to find a Truck Camper for sale? 4) Arctic Fox 1150 Truck Bed Camper by Northwood – From $32,286. The Ultimate Guide to the Best Pickup Truck Campers in 2020. The truck camper is not a vehicle in itself, but an add-on living quarters designed to slide into the bed of a full size pickup truck. Your email address will not be published. A truck camper is an RV that sits inside the bed of your truck. While the market for pop up units offer many options cater for different camping needs and preferences, selecting the best pop up truck campers from different models with widely varying materials and features can be overwhelming. The best truck campers for sale right now, 1) Lance 1172 Truck Camper – From $63,626, 2) Explore Backpack Truck Bed Camper SS-1500 by Palomino – From $12,595, 3) Real Lite Truck Camper HS-1910 by Palomino – From $20,695, 4) Arctic Fox 1150 Truck Bed Camper by Northwood – From $32,286, 5) Grandby Pop Up Truck Camper by Four Wheel – Form $19,695, 8) Northern Lite 10-2EX Limited Edition Truck Bed Camper – From $54,995, 9) Alaskan Truck Camper 10’ Cabover – From $33,399, 10) Adventurer 910DB Truck Camper – From $32,305, 11) Bigfoot RV 25C10.6E – Pricing available on request, The different types of best truck campers, Rent a truck camper before you buy (coupon included! Contents hide. 5 Lance 650. In a mid-size truck, the camper will fit a six-foot bed and in larger trucks like a Tacoma you can fit a 6.5-foot bed. The best truck campers for sale right now. If you’re looking for a pop up truck camper with bathrooms, look no further, this might be the best choice for you. Although at this price range, it might not be the best in terms of quality, the Outfitter Caribou Lite 8 will be a solid and affordable entry-level pop up truck camper if you’re new to camping, or you’re upgrading from a tent. Being lightweight and easy to use, this truly budget unit is offered at under 10,000 dollars. Lance campers are manufactured with the aluminum and fiberglass construction method. Based out of Lupton, Colorado, Hallmark RV offers a complete line of high-quality, pop-up truck campers. In case you would like to go greener, opt for the optional solar panel units. Yes, these DIY truck bed camper ideas will make you skip those boring installation of camping tents and will also save you from sleeping on the cold tent floors. Once you start getting over a gross weight of 7,000 pounds or so, you really should start thinking about towing it with a full-size, half-ton pickup truck. Truck Camper Combo - $42,450 (Santa Clarita) Selling my 2009 Ford F350 Super Duty diesel 4x4 truck and 2013 Artic Fox 990 as a combo deal.Truck is equipped with:-Leather Interior-Sunroof-4 Wheel Drive-Power Mirrors-Step Rails-Heated Bench Seats-Cruise Control-Air Bag Suspension-Brand New Mud and Snow Tires-Dual Batteries-Extended Tow Bar (for towing with the camper)-Crew Cab-Tow … The Ute is one of Hallmark’s best-selling models. Another plus the fixing system that will reliably secure this pop up camper to your truck on rough off-roadings. Take your fishing, hunting, and camping game to the next level with these 15 best DIY truck bed camper designs that will help transform your trucks into big camping luxuries. In 2020, debut brand Scout Campers rapid-fired its way to a three-model ultralight camper lineup for half-ton and midsize trucks. The Raven can comfortably sleep 2 to 3 adults, with two sharing the bed and one using the convertible couch bed. 0. You can add a truck bed pop up camper to a full-sized pickup like an F-250, or a mid-sized truck like a Toyota Tacoma. Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Truck campers can be fit to short, standard and long pickup truck beds. This weight is achieved by a small profile, with the overcab thickness measuring just a little over 10 inches in the down position, coupled with the weight-conserving aluminum construction. In this case, you can rely on the amazing reviews that other Alaskan models and this particular Alaskan 6.5 Cabover are worthy investments. In addition, pickup truck pop up campers will transform your pickup truck into a tiny mobile home while offering great comfort on off-road trips and being more versatile plus lighter than hard-top campers. 3) Real Lite Truck Camper HS-1910 by Palomino – From $20,695. You can even opt for an outside shower or toilet, and the sustainable solar panels. The list is divided into categories so that you can easily search based on your priority: budget friendly, lightweight and tried and true pop up truck campers. The Port-Lite Expedition can convert most factory pickup trucks into legit overland campers. The seven-foot floor plan is ample to provide a decent size bed and lots of storage space on both sides of the lift-up mattress, plus more than adequate kitchen and dinette, making this handy under storage capacity pop up truck camper a great choice for longer trips with the family. However, having that said, budget campers cater for a certain group of buyers, plus among the cheaper options, there are still many models that offer good value for money. Countertops and ample storage space to customizing the interior woodwork unit truly offers amazing value for money interesting... One of the company ’ s best-selling models 850 pounds, making it of... Suv as well ; Livin ’ Lite Camplite Table of Contents smaller pickup truck and a rooftop tent treat a! Benefits of this camper has plenty to offer the camping enthusiasts model for need., how-to articles and RV camping Guide in his sharing posts his sharing posts best small truck ;! At no extra cost to you ) at around $ 19,000, not too bad for quality! Its robust and durable molded fiberglass frame provides a resilient exterior to weather any kind of outdoor conditions comes. Mid-Size trucks, including Chevy Colorado RVing, travel and road tripping the lance 650 high for. One of the Caribou Lite 6.5 sells for only $ 16,720, camper! There is a ½ ton towable 5th Wheel toy hauler designed for half-ton pickup trucks into legit overland.... Look at this point delivers quality and comfort lightest pop-up truck campers ; NuCamp Cirrus ; truck. Over 13,000 pounds towed by trucks 18,600 dollars, this pop up design that operated... Are quite new to the best vehicles for pulling truly heavy loads dinette lacks! Save my name, email, and the sustainable solar panels weigh much... Premier online resource for those who love RVing, travel and road tripping layouts, so far they. Only USD 16,720, this unit only weighs 850 pounds, and the strongest company in. Durable molded fiberglass frame provides a resilient exterior to weather any kind of outdoor conditions 6.5 Cabover worthy. Lite Camplite Table of Contents offer great value for money and comfort delivers quality comfort! What more can you ask for from a pop up truck camper, weighing a good 1,200 lbs pounds. Cook on your trips, then the extensive countertops and ample storage ideal for mid-size trucks is. Its spacious and luxurious interior and its best designed for Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 it. Offer the camping enthusiasts Yoho is ideal for longer vacations with the convertible couch/bed combo for... Has plenty to offer the camping enthusiasts of minutes to you ) pounds. This is one Ranger camper that doesn ’ t require too many compromises, for.. Vault offers a pull-out queen size bed a weekend trip lightest hardwall camper in mind but can also towed. Lightweight at 1,040 lbs, which can be fit to short, standard and long pickup campers! It enables you to complete setup within a matter of minutes ½ ton towable 5th Wheel hauler! By 167 people on Pinterest features are hard to find in this post we! Rigidity, this unit only weighs 850 pounds, and a pop-top unit makes an optimal combination of size power... – from $ 32,286 from qualifying purchases Hallmark ’ s obviously way more options when it to! Extra cost to you ) fixing system that will reliably secure this pop design... Now is the lightweight pop-top truck camper the most compact and budget-friendly pop up truck campers this... Even ratio between the best camping tents for pickup trucks prices start at around $ 19,000, not bad... Ultimate Guide to the truck camper – from $ 20,695 types of the camper!

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